Real Estate Attorney – Palatine, IL

All real estate transactions, whether you are buying or selling a home or commercial property, are big decisions and it helps to have an experienced attorney on your side to make you aware of your options and help the transaction go through smoothly.  The real estate attorneys at Allen Gabe Law, P.C. can provide legal representation for those in Palatine, IL entering a real estate transaction to help navigate related legal matters and prevent costly mistakes, as well as secure a favorable solution.

Our real estate lawyers can provide legal representation for individual buyers and sellers in residential transactions as well as for tenants and landlords in commercial transactions which includes lease and sublease negotiation and review for retail spaces, industrial buildings, and offices.  We also have the experience to provide legal counsel for real estate developers and help commercial property owners review construction projects.

Our real estate attorneys can help you through these matters of real estate law:

  • Residential Property Purchase and Sale
  • Commercial Property Purchase and Sale
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Housing Court Matters
  • Title Searches
  • Lease Negotiation and Preparation
  • Foreclosures
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure

Allen Gabe Law, P.C. helps streamline the process and closeout your real estate transaction smoothly.

Sometimes real estate transactions can become complicated from legal terminology and other matters that may arise and our lawyers will help you understand the process as well as your options for a favorable solution.  We can also do some research into the property to discover anything that could have an effect on the transaction such as liens.

If you are entering a real estate transaction as a buyer or seller in Palatine, IL and would like legal representation, contact Allen Gabe Law for a free initial consultation with our real estate attorneys. You can reach us by calling (847) 241-5000 or by filling out an online contact form.