Whether you’re wondering how to get rid of your debt or how to save a certain amount of money for retirement, making any financial goal you set SMART will increase your chances of achieving them. Here’s how to set SMART goals.

Retirement plans can be the biggest assets an individual owns outside of a home. During a divorce, the division of assets like these and others can be concerning. Illinois is an equitable division state, which means that marital property does not have to be divided evenly.

Relationships with in-laws and mutual friends can become awkward or fraught with tension, but it is important to keep these relationships civil for the sake of your family and children. The following tips will help you handle family, in-law, and mutual friend relationships after a divorce.

Divorce cases can take one of two paths: the path that involves going to trial and fighting over everything, or the path of negotiations, give-and-take, and potential settlement. It’s usually in everyone’s best interests to take the second path.

The best thing to do during a divorce is to limit or stop your social media activities until after the divorce is settled. If you must update your social media profiles, follow these additional guidelines.

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