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Once a victim has suffered an injury by another person’s negligence, they need to take certain steps to assure that they will have a solid personal injury claim. There are a number of actions that a victim could take or fail to take that will reduce the chances of a successful case. A victim needs to become knowledgeable of what he or she needs to do immediately following the accident. Below will be listed some common mistakes that a victim could commit following a personal injury accident.

The victim will not seek immediate medication assistance: This part is very important for the victim. Not only is their health important, but going to the doctor will show that the victim was injured at that moment in time and not by any other previous accident. Also, the victim will have proper documentation.

The victim will talk to the insurance company: A victim needs to understand that anything they say to an insurance company will be used against them. Insurance companies work to give less, not more. They will try to limit the amount that they will give the victim. They will want to get a recorded statement from the victim stating that they are fine, or were not injured. The victim is better off having their personal injury lawyer deal with the insurance company.

The victim will settle their case before knowing how much it is worth: The liable party and their insurance company will try to offer the victim a certain amount of money to avoid going through a lawsuit. The victim might be unaware of the extent of their injuries prior to accepting the settlement. If they accept the settlement, they will no longer have the legal right to file a lawsuit in the future if they find out that their damages were worth more than the settlement amount.

The victim does not document how the accident happened and what injuries they sustained:  The victim should let their attorney know everything that is going on with them. The more physical evidence the victim has, the better his or her case will end. The victim should write either letters or emails updating their attorney of their condition and treatment.

The victim does not take pictures of the scene and injuries: Taking pictures of exactly where the accident took place and the injuries endured is essential. This serves as another form of physical facts. If taking pictures cannot be done by the victim because they are too hurt, they should immediately seek medical assistance and not worry about taking pictures.

The victim does not follow the doctors’ orders: If the victim goes to the doctor and he or she determines that they need a certain treatment like physical therapy, it is extremely vital that the victim attends the treatment. If the victim does not attend, the jury can conclude that the victim was not as injured as they claimed to be and did not want to get better. The defendant will use this fact against the plaintiff.

Learning what to do after an accident that resulted in an injury can be confusing. Victim should turn to a personal injury lawyer that will help them avoid committing these mistakes. The lawyers at Percy Martinez law firm can help the victim with what steps to take after suffering a personal injury.

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