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In the eyes of the law, both parents, including mothers and fathers, are entitled to certain parental rights.  However, fathers often have to fight harder for their parental rights, such as child custody, visitation, and having a say in decisions for their child, due to the stigma that children are better off with their mother.

It is important for both parents to remain an active part of their children’s lives following a divorce.  Our father’s rights attorneys at Allen Gabe Law, P.C. can represent fathers in Schaumburg, IL fighting for their parental rights.  We will help ensure that fathers get the parental rights they are entitled to.

Fighting for Father’s RightsFathers Rights Attorneys Schaumburg IL

There are several commonly held notions about parenting that tend to put fathers at a disadvantage when it comes to parental rights.  Many believe that the mother provides most of the love and care that children need and that fathers are providers more than active caretakers of their kids.  This leads many to believe that mothers are more important when it comes to raising, caring, and making decisions for the children.

It is unfortunate that this notion exists as both parents should be seen as equally important for the care and well-being of children.

Making Your Case

The key to making your case for your parental rights is to firmly establish the role you play in your children’s lives.  In some cases, this may involve proving that you are the biological father of your children.  Once this issue is settled, our attorneys will help make your case based on your current role as a parent.  We will focus on the things you do for your children that their mother may not, such as participating in recreational activities.

Establishing the parental responsibilities that you take on will help us make a more effective argument for why you deserve a bigger say in your child’s life.  The court will make its decision based on the best interests of the children and if you assume parental responsibilities, the court will view your involvement in your child’s life as within their best interests.

Our attorneys can represent you and help you build your case for the following matters:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • High child support payments
  • Overreaching child enforcement actions

Father’s Right Attorneys in Schaumburg, IL

Our father’s rights attorneys at Allen Gabe Law, P.C. are family law experts, and we can help fathers in Schaumburg, IL secure their parental rights.  We can provide you with sound legal advice based on your situation and represent you in court to make your case.  We understand the most important thing is to get a solution that is in your child’s best interest and that includes having both parents playing active roles in their life.

You can talk to our attorneys at Allen Gabe Law, P.C. about your father’s rights by calling (847) 241-5000, Ext 121.

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