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If you are considering moving after divorce, especially if it is a long-distance move, you must consider the impact on your children.  Many divorced women believe that not having to deal with their ex on a regular basis will make life so much easier. But take a moment to consider what such a relocation would imply for your children.  Below is an excellent essay that investigates how children perceive and react to the combined influences of divorce and relocation.

Following a parental split, relocating with the child to a location far from the other parent compounds one loss with another. The child is subjected to the loss of family as it has been experienced, followed by the loss of the other parent. This is already a lot to be sad about. A long-distance migration strains a child’s relationships with friends, loved ones, school, and the larger community. Their activities and associations have also vanished. As previously stated, a transfer simply disturbs and changes all aspects of life.

Potential Behavioral Concerns

A move far away is similar to a social amputation for the child. In order to rehabilitate, various emotional, psychological, social, academic, recreational, and practical modifications must be made over time. It is natural to expect the child to be worried and/or depressed in this situation. Depending on the child’s age, these emotional reactions can manifest as feeding and toileting difficulties, sleeping problems, withdrawn or defiant conduct.

School-age children may have difficulties concentrating or focusing on academics. Their minds may wander, causing them to be unruly in class. Overt behavior may draw the notice of teachers and other school personnel. The child’s behavior may appear hostile, or the child may be the target of taunting and teasing.

Allow Your Children Time to Adjust

Dealing with their parents’ divorce process and then moving is a lot for any child to deal with. Younger children may adjust more quickly since they have developed fewer bonds to their prior household. Older children may have a more difficult time adjusting to a new area or school since they have developed close friends whom they do not want to leave.

Maintain a positive attitude when discussing it with your children. Assure them that they will meet new people and make new friends, and that their old ones will also keep in touch with them. While this may make them feel a little better, it may not do much for them right away. Allow your children time to adjust on their own terms. Maintain dialogues about how they are coping with the transition, but give them some space if they don’t want to talk about it right away.

While giving them space, keep an eye on them to ensure that they are not developing unhealthy habits. If you discover something that worries you, talk to someone about it, such as their school counselor or a therapist. Moving with children after a divorce, while tough at first, is one step toward moving your family forward after a terrible period. It may take some time, but once situated in your new home, you will be able to start making new memories and building a life in your new space.

Obtaining Legal Counsel from a Family Law Firm

Relocating with children after divorce is a complicated custody issue, regardless of whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent. You and your ex-spouse may be able to agree on new terms, but there will almost certainly be some specifics to iron out. Often, there is dispute in the scenario. It is critical to have legal counsel present to advocate your aims, regardless of how straightforward or confrontational the conversation will be.

Our skilled Family Law Attorneys have successfully guided hundreds of clients through custody disputes. If you are considering relocating, please contact us for assistance. We can tell you what to expect during the procedure and when dealing with the court. We’ll fight for you and assist you get the custody arrangement you want.


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