It is important for grey couples who are seeking divorce to consider the impact of their divorce on their adult children but also remember that they are in charge of their own decisions during the divorce.

As your loved one ages, they might experience changes that can impact their ability to care for themselves. When they have difficulty managing their finances, it could be time for you to step in.

Co-parenting is a different kind of child custody agreement that gives each parent a more equal share in the parenting and provides more stability for the children. The following is an explanation of each type of child custody agreement.

Whether you’re wondering how to get rid of your debt or how to save a certain amount of money for retirement, making any financial goal you set SMART will increase your chances of achieving them. Here’s how to set SMART goals.

Retirement plans can be the biggest assets an individual owns outside of a home. During a divorce, the division of assets like these and others can be concerning. Illinois is an equitable division state, which means that marital property does not have to be divided evenly.

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