Going through a divorce can be a long, difficult process which is why there is some relief once the divorce has been finalized.  For a brief moment, you can have the weight of the divorce lifted from your shoulders knowing that the experience is over.  This moment is usually brief because once the initial relief wears off, you are now faced with the reality of returning to your personal life in a much different situation than what you are used to.

After a divorce, your living situation will no doubt be different.  You will no longer have a spouse at home, you may be splitting custody of your children, and you may have lost some friends and in-laws along the way.  You may not even be returning to the same home that you have lived in for years.  All of these factors can make returning to your personal life and your job a bit difficult.  If you did not work during your marriage and you now must find a job, this transition can be even tougher.  Depending on how long you have been out of work, finding a job to rejoin the workforce, especially when still getting over a divorce, can be a real challenge.

If you need to find a new job so you can move on with your life after divorce, the following tips will help make your transition easier.

1. Think About your Career Pathexperienced counseling counseling client.

If you left a career before or during your marriage, you do not have to feel obligated to go back to the same career.  Take some time to really think about your career path and whether you want to continue with the type of career you had previously.  If you do not feel the same passion for your previous career, now is a good time to consider a career change.

Starting a new career can be intimidating.  Research different types of jobs that you are interested in, even if you do not believe you are qualified.  This is a good place to start to help narrow down your choices for a reasonable career.  Do not hesitate to talk to your friends and family members about their jobs, especially if someone has a career that you may be interested in.  Think about your past job experiences and your passions and how you can apply them to a new job.  A fresh start in a new career may be just what you need to restart your life after a divorce.

2. Write your Personal Pitch

When you have narrowed down your career choices, write a personal pitch which is sometimes referred to as an “About Me” statement or an “Elevator Pitch.”  This is a 2-4 sentence personal statement about why you are interested in the career you have chosen to pursue.  Consider how you are qualified, whether it is through your passions or past job experiences, and work that into your pitch.  Your “About Me” statement also makes a great intro to your resume.

3. Talk About your Career Change

It can be beneficial to talk about your career change.  Discuss your thoughts and decision with friends and family members to get their perspective or advice.  You can also reach out to professionals in the field in which you want to work to discuss their jobs and the expectations of the industry.  When you contact a company, make sure you have a clear request so they can help you, such as, “I would like to pursue a career in advertising, is there someone I can talk to in your marketing department?”  You will find that people like to help others.

4. Talk to Professionals in the Field

Reach out to professionals that have positions that you are interested in to talk to them about the nature of the job and how they got into their field.  You can find contact information for professionals on their company websites or on websites such as LinkedIn.  You will be surprised how much these professionals will want to talk about their jobs.

5. Write your Resume

As mentioned earlier, your “About Me” statement is a great place to start when putting together, or updating, your resume.  If you are writing a new resume to pursue a new career, you can search Google for examples of resumes of those in the field.  This will not only help you write a better resume, but also understand what important skills are needed to get a job in your desired field.

6. Call a Recruiter

A great way to know your options for employment in your desired field is to work with a job recruiter.  Most job recruiters specialize in recruiting candidates for a specific field or industry and they can help you in many ways.  They can review your resume and help you make adjustments, make you aware of current job options, and let you know if you need additional schooling or training to work in your desired field.

7. Going Back to School

While going back to school may be an attractive option, there are some things you should consider before you do that.  There are many cases in which people use their return to school as an excuse to avoid going back to work.  Even if you are not purposely trying to avoid returning to work, going through school can still put your next job on hold.  There is also the financial aspect to consider as going back to school can leave you with new debt from a student loan.  If going back to school is beneficial for your desired career path and you have the means to do it, then by all means do it.  Just make sure you consider returning to school carefully before making that decision.

8. Work with a Career Coach

A good career coach can help you every step of the way with your new career including helping with your resume, preparing you for interviews, helping with your LinkedIn Profile, and negotiating your salary.  When pursuing a new career, it helps to have a mentor who can help you make the right moves.allen-gabe-photo

If the finalization of your divorce has you ready to return to the workforce, the tips discussed above will help make your transition much smoother.  Remember, there are plenty of resources available from job recruiters and career coaches to professionals in the field that can help you along the way.  Starting an exciting new career is a great way to move on with your life after divorce.

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