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Like other trends, divorces are higher during specific times of the year compared to others. While the reasons for divorce vary, couples may choose to file right away or wait for the perfect time. In fact, many divorce attorneys see evidence as to why they are higher during the beginning of the year or springtime compared to the holidays.

While some simply want to “get through” the holidays for the sake of family, others wait until spring break to allow their kids to take in the trauma of their parents splitting up. Either way, many married couples are often waiting until this time to end their marriage as this timing allows for smoother transitions into the single life.

Check out the specific reasons as to why divorces are common in the spring:

1. The holidays feel like the “final straw”Divorce Attorney in Schaumburg Il Allen Gabe Law, P.C.

Many married couples going through tough times during the holidays will try to hold it together for the sake of their kids, family, and friends, hoping to revive the life within their marriage. But extra time spent together can also mean more clarification for couples that it simply wasn’t meant to be as they feel like the holidays are “the final straw”.

While one partner could be waiting for the end of the holidays to see if things improve while the other may see it as proof they are unhappy and looking for their out. In either case, many divorce cases will happen during the spring instead of winter.

2. Financial years start at the beginning of tax season

For many couples, their financial years start at tax season; they may simply be waiting to file jointly and use the benefits to fund their divorce. There may also be major tax penalties for divorced couples that will only add onto their divorce expenses in the long run. Spring is also the time where they have recouped from major expenses of the holidays and have enough saved to work with divorce attorneys.

While there are misconceptions regarding how financial matters are handled during a divorce, the issues often lead to spring divorce filings.

3. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning the house

While some people maintain a clean house all year, others really take advantage of spring cleaning, cleaning more than just their homes. After enduring cold, dismal days of winter, the sunny spring days bring on feelings of inspiration and positivity, including ridding themselves of emotional clutter.

So, while people are dusting out cobwebs and purging unwanted items, they’re also throwing out the sources of their emotional and mental clutter: their spouses. But if you yourself have been feeling down or depressed about being “thrown out”, spring is also a great time to refresh your look on life; there is more to it than just your love life.

If you are going through a divorce, this is a time for a new beginning. Start fresh: find a new place, buy new clothes, move out of state (only if you don’t have kids), or spend more time with friends. The world doesn’t stop moving just because the marriage is over.

4. New year means a fresh start for divorced couples

While the new year is marked as the best time to set and work towards goals like going to the gym, going back to school, volunteering, losing weight, etc., married couples see it as the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start. There is a certain vibe the new year brings to improve happiness and well-being, something that all divorcees strive for during the first few months of being single again.

Why Spring is the Best Time for a “Fresh Start”

There are a number of sayings during spring that enhance feelings of happiness and new beginnings, everything including spring cleaning, April showers bring May flowers, spring break, and spring forward. While these all have their unique meaning, they also have positive changes in common.

Whether you’re clearing out your home or your life, allow the spring showers to wash away any feelings of sadness, regret, or self-doubt. Even if you fell out of the habit of going to the gym, getting back into the routine is a great way to improve emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Bonus points if you tag along with some friends or become involved with a workout group!

Finally, you can take your own spring break. While it’s traditionally geared towards students to take a week or two off from school, you can use this as an excuse to take a vacation to clear your head. Either by yourself or with friends, getting away from it all is a great way to clear your mind and relieve built up stress, allowing you to jump back in with a clear conscience.

Work with an Experienced Divorce Attorney


Going through a divorce is tough. Even during the springtime where divorced couples feel like it’s the best time for a “fresh start”, the process is never easy. Especially when children are involved, factors like child maintenance, property division, alimony, and others quickly complicate the case that can make it overwhelming for couples.

Even during the “best time for divorce” it’s important to work with an experienced divorce attorney who is working to voice your needs and rights in court, ensuring to establish a solution that works in your best interest.

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