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When a married couple gets a divorce, the effects spread beyond the immediate family and impact the relationships that each spouse has with extended families and in-laws.  A marriage is a union of two families and each spouse builds relationships with their in-laws over the course of the marriage.  A divorce can complicate or even end these relationships, and if the couple has children, dealing with these relationships post-divorce can be even more difficult.  Relationships with in-laws can become awkward or fraught with tension but it is important to keep these relationships civil for the sake of your family and children.

Uncontested Divorce

The following tips will help you handle family and in-law relationships after a divorce.

1. Keeping Contact with In-Laws

In some divorce scenarios, couples may desire little to no contact with each other or their former in-laws.  However, this cannot be accomplished in all scenarios, especially when children are involved.  Divorcing couples with children must remain in contact for the child’s sake and in-laws including grandparents should stay involved in the children’s lives.  It is important to put any animosity or differences aside to teach your children the importance of maintaining healthy family relationships.

2. Visitation from Grandparents

Grandparents have a legal privilege to see their grandchildren according to Illinois state law.  This means that if the grandparents are denied visits with their grandchildren, they can petition for visitation through the court system.  It is best for everyone involved to set up regular visitation times for the grandparents to see their grandchildren instead of going through the legal mess that can arise from denying these visits.  This way, everyone can be involved in your children’s lives.

3. Keep your Children’s Best Interest in Mind

Divorcing couples often get tied up in their own differences and their relationships with in-laws, but you cannot lose sight of what is in the best interest of your children.  Maintaining contact between your children and their grandparents is beneficial for their mental and emotional health.  When divorcing couples and their parents put the best interest of the children first, it becomes much easier to work out personal differences and come up with a visitation schedule.

Work with a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy and relationships with in-laws after a divorce can be very difficult to manage.  However, by putting the best interest of your children first, you can more easily work out your differences with your in-laws to maintain healthy relationships for the sake of your children.

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