Choosing to adopt a child is a major decision, but one that can provide a child with a real, loving home and a chance at a normal and happy life. If you are a resident of Illinois that is considering adoption, it is beneficial to review Illinois adoption laws and policies to get an idea of the process and requirements.


The process of a divorce is tough on everyone in the family from the spouses to the children whose lives are about to change significantly.  Divorce proceedings often involve intense emotions and some of this tension may carry over into the planning involving child custody and visitation.  When going through a divorce, the parents must…


The experience of going through a divorce always differs depending on the couple. Some divorcing couples can get through a divorce rather quickly with few issues afterwards while many cases involve at least one ex-spouse that causes unnecessary problems. There is a lot of emotion involved in a divorce that can cause some to act in ways that make the entire experience more difficult. If you are in a situation in which you cannot cut off contact with a difficult ex due to child custody or some other circumstance, these tips will assist you in dealing with an ex in the best possible manner.

Divorce Law

Divorce is tough on everyone involved because it can drastically change lives and relationships.  This situation is especially hard on children because they experience major changes in their daily lives as well as their relationships with each parent.  Divorcing couples typically work out a child custody agreement that involves their children splitting time between both…

divorce and children

When a married couple gets a divorce, the effects spread beyond the immediate family and impact the relationships that each spouse has with extended families and in-laws.  A marriage is a union of two families and each spouse builds relationships with their in-laws over the course of the marriage.  A divorce can complicate or even…

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